Building a Rally Car

Aside from the roll cage some other big modifications that need to be done are:

Downsizing the Brakes

I went from the Big Brake Brembo STI calipers to the WRX calipers front and rear.  I had to get the 5×114 rotors which was a bit difficult to find.  This allows for my Team Dynamics 15″ wheels to clear the brakes so I can run Gravel Tires.  This is probably the biggest performance upgrade you can do for the money to get great handling tires for off road use.

Rally Suspension

I installed 55mm gravel rally coil-over’s from XYZ to help absorb all the jumps and off road shocks that occur while driving at insane speed on back country roads.  These shocks are great for the cost and feel like you are riding directly on the frame rails when you are on the streets, but somehow manage to feel smooth and in control at speed on rally stages.

Skid Plates

With so many road hazards you can only avoid a giant rock to hit a smaller rock you better have some under armor to keep your car intact.  I’ve got a front skid plat to keep the engine protected and a rear skid plate to protect the rear differential.


To keep up and surpass the competition we have a COBB access port tuned on the Dyno with specific mapping for the required 34mm Turbo inlet restrictor.  Squeezing every last HP out of the restricted engine is quite the challenge and the 3″ turbo back exhaust is a big help.  My biggest surprise was the 30HP we gained just by throwing the silencer in the trash.  I had kept it in for the unique exhaust note past 5,000RPM but that was not worth the HP gained by opening up the muffler.

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